CONSCIOUS that I have heard that Asda are promoting its London Road proposal with reference to 75 per cent of exhibition attendees stating that they supported Asda, I carried out my own semi-scientific survey.

Inspired by the Scottish independence question I proposed two questions: should Salisbury have an Asda superstore? (yes or no) and should the Asda superstore be off the St Thomas’ bridge roundabout and London Road? (yes or no).

These two questions were asked of pedestrians and residents of Hampton Park, Bishopdown Farm and London Road.

Two samples were taken, during the daytime and during the evening (male and female, young and old).

Here are the results: Should Salisbury have an Asda Superstore?

Yes: 72 per cent; No: 12 per cent; Don't know: four per cent; Wouldn’t say: 12 per cent.

Should the Asda Superstore be off the St Thomas' Bridge Roundabout and London Road?

Yes: 20 per cent; No: 52 per cent; Don't know: 20 per cent; Wouldn’t say: eight per cent.

So while it may be taken that roughly 75 per cent of people appear to be in favour of an Asda in Salisbury, more than half consulted in my survey did not want the superstore where it is currently proposed.

I didn't extend the survey by asking for reasons and justifications. I did not ask if they had been to the exhibition, or about their level of knowledge of the planning proposal. So my survey wasn't that scientific and probably has a wide margin of error, but then an arbitrary statement that 75 per cent of people are in favour of an Asda store is also a wildly misleading summary of opinion, and should not be accepted without significant consideration.

Richard Maguire, Salisbury