FURTHER to the letter from Michael Chandler (Postbag, May 1), to those of us living in Downton Road the bus lane has always seemed a ridiculous white elephant.

Why can this bus lane not have a timed use? It is a bus lane 24/7.

On Sundays in the summer with the bus service running about one per hour and no park and ride we can still watch as the returning cars slowly travel along the single carriageway for their use.

During the week it would be much more sensible for the bus lane to be effective from 6am to 10am and from 4pm to 7pm.

While on the subject of buses, who was the bright spark who moved a problem bus stop in Exeter Street so that the chaos replacing the pavement has caused since the schools went back could be made worse one morning this week?

I am sure that everyone matters in Wiltshire, just not in Salisbury where roads are concerned.

Nicholas Sebright, Salisbury