AS a Salisbury born, bred and educated resident, now a selfemployed tradesman of 48 years, nothing surprises me where Wiltshire Council is concerned.

How do a group of people consider or allow the most inane projects that even those of just a basic level of intelligence would not allow? From the furore of Queen Elizabeth Gardens, the expensive failure that is park and ride, Sainsbury’s planning application on Southampton Road, the Market Place with bins eyesore, parking charges, cavernous pot holes, the bus station closure, buses clogging streets, expenses – the list seems endless.

To now contemplate removing a perfectly viable coach park with easy access to the ring road and moving it to Brown Street is quite frankly ridiculous.

The coach park and River Walk could do with a good spruce up but removing it and replacing it with housing is absurd.

Barely 100 yards from my front door is United Kingdom House, which has a planning application for conversion into 78 flats/units.

Judging by the size of the coach park, I could imagine a planning application of about 200 units.

If both were allowed where would all this traffic go? What would become of The Boathouse and kiosk that serves the tourists? I’m not going to plead, beg or even ask nicely ‘please don’t do this’ because one thing’s for sure, Wiltshire Council will do whatever they damn well like regardless of what I or anyone else living here thinks.

The only bright spot in this would be to not see the countless Wiltshire Council vehicles at any time of the day parked up in the coach park with employees wasting my council tax.

Where everybody matters...what a joke.

Andrew Clark, Salisbury

I SEE the Market Place has been mentioned yet again (Postbag, May 22).

When will the council ever learn?

Never, by the looks of it. Still no one has done anything about the toilets.

Well, when the weather gets hot and the stalls have their fruit and vegetables out on display the flies and wasps etc will be settling on the fresh produce and, not only that, the smell from the toilets alone is enough to put people off buying anything.

So come on Wiltshire Council how much does a bottle of strong bleach cost?

You need to address this problem very quickly.

T Black, Salisbury

MR Griffiths’ letter (Postbag, May 22) prompts me to restate a point made earlier this year.

My daily saunter through Salisbury Market Place still takes me past the WC area and huge, sometimes overfilled refuse bins, together with worrying amounts of loose detritus.

Unsightly, potentially unhygienic and, I should think, astounding to a first-time visitor.

If this part of the square has already come to be regarded as a place in which anyone may dump rubbish, what are we coming to?

Richard Merwood, Salisbury

MR Griffiths makes a very important point about the Market Place.

The surface of the square is increasingly becoming covered in oil stains. We have started the process of cleaning, to be done overnight in June in small sections. It has taken a little longer to start this than planned but it will soon be sorted. I also think we need to look at the vehicles dropping oil when using the square, which is a matter for the city council. We are also taking action to make the bin store less visible.

We have looked at this issue with the Civic Society who presented us with their preferred options, and plans are being drawn up now. This is likely to involve adding an extra course or two of stones to the top of the bin store wall and possibly putting on a partial cover. We are also looking at less visually obtrusive bins. The last stage of the work on the market place will be the heritage trail and replica stocks.

We hope it finished by early July.

Richard Clewer, Wiltshire councillor, St Paul's ward, Salisbury