JOHN Glen’s View from the Commons in last week’s Journal was, if I may quote his term, deeply concerning.

Such an amazingly non-committal view is either a view dictated by his lords and masters or it must be the result of ignorance.

The ferocity of Israel’s attack on Gaza is not only “tragic”, it is a war crime and should be condemned as such.

To make the launching of rockets from Gaza an excuse from Israel, without mentioning Israel’s Iron Dome facility, which detonates any rocket before it can do any harm, seems strange.

Mr Glenn mentions UK funding for “those suffering on the ground” but does not point out that the UK government has declared itself staunchly in favour of Israel and its policies.

Also, that on July 18, the US Senate voted 100-0 in support of Israel’s attack on Gaza. We in the UK can only stand by as we have for the last 47 years and watch Israel slowly taking the whole of Palestine over.

Israel is making life for Christians, Muslims and Arabs intolerable in Palestine and East Jeruselem.

How can our government support such a scheme?

How can John Glenn be merely “deeply concerned” by the fact 1,300 people have been killed in Gaza in the last three weeks?

Margaret Duncan Harnham Road Salisbury