I’VE been a Salisbury City supporter for about six years and I feel angry and sad regarding their recent problems.

They were demoted two divisions in the past, due to financial reasons, and then gained two promotions in three years but now find themselves in a similar position.

I am aware of the recent takeover by Otail Touzar, but I had serious doubts when I read that he was, at the time, considering investing in Atletico Madrid as well as Salisbury. How could the board of directors think for one moment that he chose Salisbury over Atletico Madrid?

Also, do you think that Mr Touzar may have thought that he could have bought the club for £1 and then sold it for development as the new houses are already being built closer and closer at Old Sarum?

It was Salisbury’s directors who allowed Mr Touzar to come in and finish the club off.

I will be deeply disappointed if Salisbury go under, but I feel that it has been down to bad decision making over the past few years.

Graham Keepence