AS one of the many Riverbourne Community Farm volunteers I am perhaps biased, but I cannot simply let your correspondent Nick Cane's comments in last week’s Journal go unchallenged.

As he mentions he is definitely a grumpy man, I have no way of knowing if he is a grumpy 'old' man, but certainly he is a Victor Meldrew type.

I am sure he would get on well with the one resident of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight who recently complained about the church bells ringing and managed to get those stopped.

Maybe Mr Cane could go out on the two days a year the farm holds musical events.

The dates are published well in advance so he could plan his days to include an evening meal at a nice quiet country pub.

Best to also check that the venue he chooses isn't hosting a wedding reception or other equally annoying event that evening.

Tony Edmonds