I ask myself is it fair on the other pupils in the class if a child or children are deliberately taken out of school by their parents during term time?

The parents have to ask themselves is it fair on the other pupils in the class if they randomly take children out of school during term time and the teacher has to spend extra time with the pupil getting them to catch up?

How would the parents feel if their child was left to slip behind because nobody bothered to help him with the work he had missed?

Councillor Bill Moss


I WAS interested to read your report in the Journal concerning the comments you have received from parents about fines being imposed when they take their children out of school during term times.

I respectfully suggest that instead of railing against the county council and Government, their efforts would be better placed by protesting directly to the travel operators who are clearly taking advantage of families with school-age children and unfairly hiking their tariffs during the holidays.

The Government has said before that it would investigate the matter with the industry but sadly very little, if anything, has been done.

Roger Morgan

Winterbourne Dauntsey