POLICE have praised communities in Wiltshire for working together to keep crime figures low during the Halloween and bonfire night period.

Extra police officers were on duty and carried out high visibility targeted patrols across key locations with the aim of reducing incidents of antisocial behaviour and crime.

This year there were 301 fewer reported incidents over the Halloween period, from October 25 to 31, which equates to a decrease of 10.7 per cent, and there were 160 fewer reported incidents during bonfire events from October 29 to November 11, a reduction of three per cent.

Chief Inspector Charlie Dibble, from the south response team, said: “I am pleased that the number of antisocial behaviour incidents related to Halloween and bonfire night has reduced again this year.

“My response officers remarked how the public enjoyed the celebrations while also exercising common sense. This demonstrates that residents are willing to work with police to safeguard their communities.”