FORDINGBRIDE Town Council has formed two committees to drive forward a campaign to cut traffic congestion.

Fordingbridge mayor Malcolm Connolly says it is time to find a long-term solution to tackle High Street congestion and bring safety back to the streets.

The formation of the General Transport Committee and a Disability Committee by Fordingbridge Town Council are the first steps on the road to tackle the community’s concerns about speed and a greater volume of traffic on the roads, particularly the High Street.

Members are currently being enlisted to serve on the committees, which are set to become active in January.

Cllr Connolly said: “The lorries are everywhere, and now the district council wants to expand Sandleheath Industrial Estate the situation will get even worse. Our roads just can’t take more traffic, they were built for horses.

“When a lorry is parking on the High Street it causes all sorts of problems. There is congestion here at all times of the day.

“For people with disabilities, the elderly or mothers with pushchairs, who may need more time to cross the roads safely, they can be waiting to cross the road for ages.”

Mr Connolly added: “I hope by forming the committees we will be able to progress in dealing with the district council and find a way forward.”

Owner of Fordingbridge Doll Museum Alan Gordon said: “I look out of my window all day and parts of the High Street are dangerous.

“Mothers with prams and pushchairs and older people just cannot cross safely. I believe a pedestrian crossing in needed, particularly at the Ringwood end of the High Street.

“We have been fobbed off for far too long.”

A spokesman for New Forest District Council said: “Fordingbridge High Street is narrow and loading/unloading is permitted on one side of the street.

“If loading/unloading is taking place, it will inevitably cause some congestion. However, the shops do have to be serviced.”