WILTS & Dorset bus company has confirmed that Salisbury and Amesbury bus stations are to be sold.

Operations director Ed Wills said the closures will have no impact on bus services and jobs as the buses will use existing stops in the city centre and more modern offices will be found for the Salisbury bus station team. The fleet of 100 single and double-decker buses will continue to be parked and maintained at the depot at Castle Street.

He said: “Neither bus station is essential to our services, but as they age they are costing more to maintain and operate from each year. We believe this cost can be better used to provide bus services and the land could be put to much better use for the community and the local economy.”

Mr Wills also said the high frequency Salisbury Reds services don’t use the bus station and less than 12 per cent of overall passengers access the bus station.

“Salisbury bus station, constructed in the 1930s, is riddled with asbestos and no longer offers a pleasant working environment for the 160 employees.”

He said many major towns no longer have bus stations yet have thriving bus services and Wilts & Dorset doesn’t believe customers will be inconvenienced at all.

The company will be consulting further with local authorities and, if purchases are agreed, they expect to vacate both stations by next summer.