AMESBURY will be holding its second lantern parade on Friday, December 21.

Following the success of last year’s event, the parade has been organised to bring the community together before Christmas.

The route will lead from Stonehenge to Amesbury Methodist Church via The Avenue, Kings Barrow Ridge, Countess Road North and the footpath into the town centre.

Tickets cost £5 including bus travel from Amesbury to Stonehenge and a lantern, which can be decorated, with a prize for the best one. If people already have a lantern they can take it along and buy a bus ticket for £2.

There will be no parking at Stonehenge for the event and refreshments will be available after the procession, which starts at 4pm.

More information and tickets are available from the Bowman Centre or the Amesbury Community and Visitor Centre, call Alice Membery on 01980 622999 or email