NEARLY 600 people packed into The Burgate Sixth Form for an open evening.

The hall was filled to capacity as parents and prospective students toured the campus.

Headteacher David Pover said: “The Sixth Form open evening was an unmitigated success - thank you very much to everyone who created the very special atmosphere that was in evidence absolutely everywhere.

“There was a hugely positive response from parents, and prospective students were signing up for a place in the Sixth Form on the spot.”

Copies of the new prospectus, crafted by last year’s senior student editor Emily Adams and student photographer Jack Aldridge, were snapped up.

In a second event at the school, students from 15 schools and colleges in the area were given the chance to try out life in the Sixth Form at a taster day.

Students were able to choose from 33 AS level subjects and follow a typical sixth form day.

Head of Sixth Form Louise Burns said: “The students who attended were very excited about the many options, and were even sufficiently confident to request we add another choice.

“Thanks to that, you can expect to see law as a new option.

“The staff found them friendly, confident and really enthusiastic. I think we are looking ahead to having a superb year group.”

The next stage for prospective sixth formers is to get the application, then from January 30 provisional places will be offered.