THE family of a man who died after falling from the sixth floor of a Butlins hotel have paid tribute to him.

Tim Wall, 23, of St Leonards, died in the early hours of Saturday morning at the resort in Bognor Regis.

The Sainsbury’s worker, who was a doting uncle to his 19-month-old nephew Charlie, loved spending time with his family and friends.

Older brother Gez said: “He just loved his whole family.

“We have a lot of parties here and he loved it. He always looked forward to Bonfire Night. He’d take it on himself to set up the fireworks – he was really excited about it.”

Mr Wall had already bought Christmas presents for his family.

“He was so looking forward to Christmas,” said his brother.

“He’d already planned it all out – we were going to watch The Hobbit together.”

The brothers had also visited London recently to watch live music together.

“He loved his music – he’d listen to anything, and he always enjoyed it.

“He was just as excited to watch an older band live as he was to listen to new music.

“He loved going out and seeing what was going on.

“When we were there we did a bungee jump near to Tower Bridge, and we’d planned to do a parachute jump next year.

“He was always looking forward to things – he was always saying ‘What happens next?’.”

Mr Wall had also competed in a Tough Guy race in January, even training in his back garden to make sure he was fit and ready for the big day.

Sister-in-law Hayley said: “It was freezing, but he’d be out there training – he was so excited about it.

“Tim would do anything for you – he was just lovely.”

Mr Wall also took his mum Debbie out for lunch every Wednesday, and Gez said the two were like “best friends”.

Mrs Wall said: “He was my baby.

“He used to take me out every week for lunch, and he always took me shopping. He’ll always be my baby.”

His father Patrick added: “He always had time to help you – all you had to do was ask.

“He’d do anything to help his family.”