PEOPLE in the Woodford Valley have said a fond farewell to their parish priest, who has retired after ten years.

The Reverend Canon Ann Philp, who was also chairman of governors at Woodford Primary Academy, said the decade had been some of the happiest years of her life.

She said: “The depth of people’s commitment and their personal support of me was outstanding. “They were extraordinarily supportive people who were generous with their time and were always prepared to try new things.”

Heading a team that covered the Woodford Valley and Archers Gate, Canon Philp paid tribute to the people she worked with and said highlights of her time in the role included conducting a special service for the Queen's Jubilee, development of the work with children, the training of three curates, and the pastoral care of those in her care.

Canon Philp is now residing at The Close and hopes to become involved with life at the cathedral.