CHILDREN at All Saints School in Netheravon have been learning all about Afghanistan.

Major Stephen McCauley, who has three children at the school, has just returned from seven months training the Afghan artillery in Kabul.

He showed the children photos and videos depicting normal life in the country as well as covering many aspects of Afghan life including mountains, cities, respect for elders, call to prayer, football and kite flying.

Major McCauley said: “I think it is important that children realise how much good work the British Army is doing in Afghanistan to make it a safe, happy and prosperous place for the Afghan people to live in.

“Too often children only hear the bad news that is regularly on television and they need to know this is a small part of a wider good news story.”

The Afghanistan Awareness project was started by Mel Bradley in British forces schools in Germany in 2010 while many children, including her own, had parents deployed in the country.

Headteacher Hayley Humphris said: “The presentation was perfectly pitched at the children’s level of understanding and they were amazed by the differences between their world and that of Afghan children.”