A NEW book that celebrates the British middle class and is co-written by an illustrator and writer based in Baverstock has become one of the top-recommended Christmas stocking fillers.

Zebedee Helm and Fi Cotter Craig’s The Middle Class ABC takes a light-hearted look at the foibles, manners and mores of middle class life.

Helm said: “We looked about us and Britain was covered in great swags of bunting, John Lewis adverts were making people cry, wellington boots were fun and tiramisu was considered an ‘essential’ at Waitrose. “The middle classes were on the rampage and it was time to celebrate the fact.”

The book has won rave reviews from people such as Stephen Fry, who calls it “indispensable and entirely charming”.

“The response has been extremely positive,” said Helm, who describes it as “an affectionate and humorous romp with the emphasis on jokes rather than social anthropology”.

*A book signing event will be held at The Beckford Arms in Fonthill Gifford on Saturday (December 8) at 3pm.