A COMMUNITY football club is back on its feet thanks to kind Journal readers. Tidworth Royals Football Club, based in Arcot Road, was broken into on November 15.

A generator, which was used to provide refreshments, was stolen from a shed at the site and the club was unable to fund a replacement as it only just breaks even each year.

The club was also broken into two months ago when a mower, drills and a strimmer were stolen. But when Peter Edge, of Wilton Alarm Services Ltd, saw a report in last week’s Journal he decided to help out. He has donated a wireless intruder alarm system in association with his supplier GM Techtronics.

Mr Edge said: “As chairman of Wilton Town Football Club I know the problems in running on a tight shoestring and I was just mortified to learn that they had been broken into.

“They felt there was nothing they could do about it so I spoke to one of my suppliers and we’re offering them a solution to enable them to feel more secure and hopefully put an end to any potential burglaries there.”

And James Dempster, from Amesbury, came forward to donate a generator he no longer uses.

Teressa Slater, manager of the under 10s team and school liaison officer for the club, said: “Now that we have got the generator we can start making teas, coffees and bacon rolls again to make money to put back into the club. I think it is just really nice because there are lots of people involved that don’t get paid and it shows the support in the community.

“It is really important for us to thank everyone and to show that there are kind people out there.”