GEORGE the Monkey has been helping the children of Fordingbridge Infant School with their learning for the past five years.

But the school’s favourite cuddly toy has gone missing – leaving the pupils bereft.

The children have made posters, which they have distributed around the town, appealing for residents, visitors and shoppers to keep their eyes peeled for the little monkey.

Year 2 teacher Frances Bland said: “George has been in the school for five years and he is a lovely little chap who helps the children with their learning.

“He is a little bit mischievous and has run off before. Last year he went missing but he sent a text from Salisbury to explain that he had been called away on a mission. However, this year he does seem to be very lost because we haven’t heard from him in two weeks. The children are very sad as George plays a big part in their day.

“If a child is very good then George will go home with them for tea and a sleepover and then a little bit of writing will be put in George’s diary about his stay.”

George is described as a little bit scruffy and was last seen wearing grey trousers and a red top with the school logo of a swan on the front.

Mrs Bland added: “We would love to hear from anyone who may have seen George.”

Have you seen George? Please ring Fordingbridge Infant School on 01425 653624.