MP John Glen joined Salisbury Street Pastors on a night time patrol, handing out flip flops, confectionary, water and space blankets to city revellers. And in order to celebrate the recent award of the nationally recognised Purple Flag status granted to Salisbury as a desirable night-time destination for people of all ages, the street pastors distributed purple lollies, purple sweets and purple flip flops.

Street Pastor coordinator Brian Percey said: “We were delighted to be part of the partnership that secured this prestigious award. “We were especially pleased that the independent assessors recognised our scheme as one ‘of great credit to all who participate and run this venture’.”

The training of new street pastors begins next month, by which time there will be more than 60 Street Pastors from 21 churches - an increase of over a third in under one year.

Salisbury became the 33rd location nationwide to be awarded Purple Flag Status and of those 25 have Street Pastors while seven others have a similar Christian street presence.

Mr Glen, who played an active role during his six-hour shift last Saturday, December 1, said: “I was deeply impressed by what the Street Pastors do and the extremely positive impact that they have on the night economy of Salisbury. “I was left in no doubt as to the tangible impact Salisbury Pastors make to keeping people safe on their nights out.”