PEOPLE are being urged to keep pipes fat-free this Christmas to avoid sewers getting blocked.

Wessex Water says fats, oils and greases can congeal in pipes, a problem that costs millions of pounds a year to fix.

The firm added that people who didn't know where to dispose of cooking fat often poured it down the sink causing pipes to block and risking flooding of properties and highways.

In the run-up to Christmas the firm has launched a rap video to drive home the message "Take the fat out the pan, wrap it up and in the bin is the plan".

The Wrap up your Fat video was launched earlier this month on YouTube and has already received thousands of views. Matt Wheeldon, Wessex Water’s head of wastewater strategy, said: “While our sewerage system can cope with human waste, rainwater and wastewater, it is not designed to be a waste disposal unit.

“Incorrect disposal of fats cause thousands of blocked drains in our region every year and the build up of greasy food means our sewerage system is less effective, leading to sewer flooding and possible environmental pollution.”

The video can be viewed on YouTube at