IF you have found something particularly interesting in the newspaper or something you really don’t like, now is the time to air your views.

The Journal is asking readers to join our focus groups and to let us know how you rate certain stories and sections and what you think about the design of the paper, the photographs and the adverts.

And even if you don’t read the Journal, we would still like to hear from you to find out why.

The focus groups will be meeting in mid-January in Salisbury and will help to shape the future of the paper.

There will be between eight and 10 people per session and the meetings will last about two hours.

The groups will be investigating what readers enjoy most about the Salisbury Journal and what they would like to see more (or less) of in the paper.

Light refreshments will be provided and participants will receive £15 at the end of their session to cover any expenses.

If you would like to participate email your name and contact details to research@nqhd.co.uk to receive some further information.