A SOLDIER from Bulford has been disqualified from driving after “racing” an unmarked police car at 121mph.

Staff Sergeant Richard William Deeley, 31, was driving his Dodge Challenger along the A303 on November 17 last year when he spotted the silver BMW behind him, but was unaware it was a police vehicle.

Deeley, who was on his way to a colleague’s stag do, accelerated and got up to speeds of 121mph before officers switched on their pursuit lights and pulled him over.

Salisbury Magistrates Court heard he then told the police officers: “I thought you were racing me. I wanted to get away because I don’t need the hassle.”

Deeley told the court: “I’m a careful driver and have had a clean licence for 13 years. I realise that speed wasn’t the correct action to take and I should have just maintained the same speed and let the BMW pass me by. I apologise for that.”

The soldier, of New Ward Road, Bulford Barracks, was disqualified from driving for 28 days and ordered to pay a fine of £357.