A SIX-year-old from Martin is starring in a film made to warn people about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Fordingbridge Infant School pupil Eva Mitchell was chosen to act in the short film alongside her uncle Laurence Mitchell by the family of newlywed Katie Haines, 31, who died from gas poisoning.

The Katie Haines Memorial Trust, set up by her family and husband Richard, have launched the online video to encourage people to install an audible carbon monoxide alarm.

Eva’s mum Alexandra said: “Eva did very well during the two days of filming. She followed the instructions and delivered what she was asked to do.

“We just hope that this film raises awareness of carbon monoxide. We are all aware it is there but many of us have no idea that death can happen so fast. Carbon monoxide is a silent, odourless, colourless gas that is very difficult to detect.

“We just hope that the film can raise awareness and help everyone install a carbon monoxide alarm in every house and home.” Katie’s father Gordon Samuel said: “The video is important to us as it is a positive to come out of such adversity.

“Nobody wants anyone else to go through what we have had to endure. To say we miss her is an understatement.

“We want people to be aware they need to service their gas appliances once a year. You service your car and if you don’t give it an MoT it is dangerous, your brakes might fail and you could kill somebody.

“It is the same with appliances at home – if you don’t look after them they could kill you. Our aim is that audible CO alarms become as common in every home as smoke alarms.”

Katie drowned in the bath at her Wokingham home, after breathing in carbon monoxide from a leaking boiler.

A gas engineer had certified the boiler “at risk” a few months previously but it had not been fixed, despite his concerns about ventilation.

Katie and husband Richard had bought a carbon monoxide alarm but had never installed it.

Since his wife’s death, Mr Haines has raised £50,000 for his wife’s trust, which will be spent on increasing awareness about CO poisoning.

The film can be viewed by visiting The Katie Haines Memorial Trust at katiehaines.com or on YouTube.