TWO families in Fordingbridge have built an igloo to raise money for charity.

After Friday’s snowfall, the Station Road neighbours, Colin West and Mark Popplestone created the structure to give their children somewhere to play outdoors.

And following a flurry of interest from the community, the pair decided to use the igloo to raise money for the Fordingbridge First Responders.

Mr West said: “We were building a snowman and we just thought how great it would be to build an igloo. So we started the build the following day and we were helped by so many people along our road, who donated snow, it was great.

“Before we knew it, people were knocking on our door and coming into the garden to have a look.

“Now we are raising money for the Fordingbridge First Responders.”

The idea snowballed and landlady of the Augustus John, Lorraine Smallwood, launched a sweepstake to guess the date on which the last traces of the igloo melt away, with the bets going to the charity.

Ms Smallwood said: “On Friday we were very busy with lots of people who were snowed in and unable to get to work coming to the pub.

“Our neighbours decided to build an igloo for the children. It looks amazing and I have decided to run a sweepstake for people to pay £1 to bet what date the last traces of the igloo melt. The person who gets closest to the date will receive a £20 dinner voucher from me.

“All the money we raise will go to the Fordingbridge First Responders.”

The First Responder volunteers attend about 470 medical emergencies in the region well ahead of fully trained ambulance and paramedic staff.