AS the white stuff hit Wshire for the first time this winter on Friday, we had a flurry of pictures sent in by Journal readers having fun in the snow.

We asked you to enter your snaps of snowy scenes, chilly pets and happy children in our snow picture competition, and received a whopping 262 entries in three days.

We’ve had lots of snowmen, snowcats and even a snowlion, as well as igloos, other snow sculptures and even a ‘snowhenge’.

You’ve also sent us some lovely shots of children or pets enjoying their first experience of snow on Friday.

Our chief photographer Roger Elliott looked through all the pictures you sent in and chose Andy Hill-Parker’s fantastic shot of a deer jumping out of snowy woods near Amesbury as the winner.

It was also the most popular picture on our Facebook page, with 58 likes. Mr Hill-Parker wins a £50 Debenhams voucher.

Mr Hill-Parker said he heard the deer coming through the trees and got his camera ready.

Elliott said: “This picture is a great opportunistic photograph that captures a unique moment.”

He also gave a mention to Helen Smith’s cute picture of her dog and Tricia Glass’ haunting picture of the Walking Madonna in the Cathedral Close.

We’d like to thank everyone who entered and shared their wonderful winter pictures with us on Facebook and by email.

All the pictures can still be viewed here.