COUNCILLORS have agreed a new house can be built in Salisbury, despite objections from neighbours.

Plans were submitted to build a two-storey chalet-style house on land behind 37 Fowlers Road, a large property that has been turned into flats.

Neighbours had raised concerns about access to the site and about the house overlooking and having an overbearing impact on neighbouring properties.

Resident Christopher Litherland told Wiltshire Council’s southern area planning committee on Thursday that the site is large and there are no properties nearby at other points within the site but the applicant has chosen to put the house in the only area where it would create shadowing and overlooking problems.

The applicant’s agent Tony Allen said: “We have deliberately sited the house in that position to avoid neighbour conflict.”

Councillor Chris Devine said: “The name of the game is city living and what is not acceptable in the countryside is acceptable in the city. “We’ve had numerous applications in the city that would have killed to have space like this.”

Councillors said they understood the neighbour’s concerns about overshadowing but on the balance could see no reason to refuse it and voted in favour of granting planning permission.