A HUGE rise in thefts from cars has left Dorset Police warning motorists to ensure vehicles are made secure.

Drivers are being urged to make it harder for thieves by locking vehicles and removing any valuable items before leaving them unattended.

The number of thefts from vehicles in Dorset has increased by 12 per cent from last year, a rise of 355 offences.

Chief Insp Jared Parkin said: “Following a recent increase in vehicles being broken into, I’m encouraging motorists to take simple steps to reduce the chances of thieves targeting their cars.

“It sounds simple, but the main thing I’d encourage motorists to do is to make sure they leave their vehicles securely locked. Lots of vehicles being broken into were not locked.

“Also, don’t leave valuables or items like handbags, purses and wallets in your car when it’s parked – either on display or hidden away.”

Businesses that use vans, trucks or lorries should also take steps to reduce the chances of having diesel stolen from them.

Police say they should be parked inside buildings or in a secure compound overnight.

Advice to motorists:

  • Valuable items and shopping should not be left in cars
  • Windows and doors should always be locked
  • Sat navs should not be left in cars, and their holders and cables should not be left on display
  • Ensure that sat nav holder marks are not left visible on the windscreen
  • If a vehicle has an alarm, use it.