A YOUNG girl was rescued by a fire fighter from Burley after the car in which she was travelling got stuck on a flooded road near Sopley on Sunday.

Firefighter Tim Hisock came to the rescue of 10-year-old Kira Deadman and her mother Amanda, who were on their way to a football event at Matchams near Ringwood.

Mrs Deadman and Kira needed help from the emergency services when water seeped into their Ford Fiesta in Derritt Lane, where a large stretch of the road was submerged in around a foot of water.

Their car became wedged against the side of the road as water began to rush in through the doors.

Although Mrs Deadman was able to get out safely, Mr Hiscock carried Kira back to dry land.

The road was closed following the rescue because of fears it had become too dangerous for cars to attempt pass through.

An onlooker said: “This road has been closed for some time during the terrible wet weather recently, but the water has recently drained away and it was re-opened. However ,with the snow thaw, the water is rising.

“The car was off the road slightly, so it was at a funny angle when it got stuck. The road twists here and, although the water wasn’t terribly deep, it is difficult to see the edges of the road.

“It’s dangerous because you can’t really tell where the verge is, and if a car comes the other way and you pull over it’s very easy to go into a ditch.”

The Met Office has predicted heavy rain will fall across the county throughout the week, possibly leading to more flooding.