THE police and crime commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson was one of two PCCs to have been chosen to showcase his vision for the area he covers at a Victim Support meeting in London.

Angus Macpherson and Dorset PCC Martyn Underhill were invited to speak at the charity’s Board of Trustees meeting in Canary Wharf on Thursday (January 31).

At the event, Mr Macpherson talked about two consultation events he has held in Salisbury and Swindon with the voluntary and community sector on his forthcoming Police and Crime Plan, the use of video links between courts and police stations and the setting up of quarterly victim forums and victims panels to ‘test check’ services.

He also spoke of the close working between the Office of the PCC and Victim Support, potentially sharing facilities.

Mr Macpherson said: "It was useful to meet the trustees of this national charity whose services are delivered so locally, and share some of our mutual concerns about the new landscape of commissioning. What was clear from both parties was the needs of victims and witnesses have to be paramount."

The commissioner will outline in more detail how he intends to improve services for victims of crime in Wiltshire in his forthcoming Police and Crime Plan. Consultation on a draft of this plan is due to start on February 18.