A CHARITY that helps people with limited mobility get around is in desperate need of more volunteer drivers.

Community Transport South Wilts is the largest voluntary car scheme in Wiltshire.

Voluntary drivers take people who have limited mobility, such as people with learning disabilities or the elderly, wherever they need to go.

Niolene Coldridge, manager of the scheme, said it’s not just about getting people to hospital appointments.

“It can be anything, from visiting friends, to going shopping, to taking them to exercise classes,” she said.

“We take people to Wilton Riding for the Disabled and the stroke clubs. As long as the individual is registered with the charity our drivers will take them wherever they need to go.”

They currently do about 180 jobs a week but Mrs Coldridge says they urgently need more drivers to meet the demand.

“We have male and female drivers, some do a couple of days a week, some can only do half a day a week, but any time people can give would be great.”

To find out more, call the charity on 01722 410123.