A SHREWTON pub whose landlord was found dead after a £29,000 Christmas savings fund went missing has been closed.

Landlord Malcolm Levesconte, 59, was last seen at the pub on December 9 when it was discovered the thrift club savings had also disappeared.

His body was found in the sea near Dover on Christmas Eve. Some of the victims had saved more than £2,000 with the club and feared they would have to “cancel Christmas” but a huge outpouring of public sympathy followed the publication of their story in the Journal and people across the world sent donations to raise the £29,000 in just a few days.

Enterprise Inns has confirmed the pub has stopped trading, and it is unclear if and when it will reopen under new management.

A spokesman said: “We are currently reviewing various options for the Royal Oak following recent closure but no decisions have been made at this stage.”