POLICE are warning children about the dangers playing “dares” after a child was rescued from the roof of Fordingbridge Hospital on Friday.

Ffirefighters were called to the scene at 4.55pm to rescue a nine-year-old boy who had become stuck on the roof of the first floor building.

The boy is believed to have climbed onto the roof of the older part of the hospital after being dared to go up there by his friends.

Firefighter Pete White told the Journal that the boy was helped into the building by hospital staff.

Inspector Simon Tribe of Hampshire Police said: “This young boy could have been seriously hurt or injured himself or damaged part of the roof and building, particularly in places where it is very old.

“There could have been serious consequences for himself or those underneath.

“Daring each other seems like an exciting thing to do, but dares can have consequences.”

Police and firefighters are asking parents and others to help discourage such behaviour.