LAVERSTOCK lovebirds Phil and Sylv Annetts are celebrating 60 happy years together today.

Mr and Mrs Annetts, both 81, met on the white bridge in Laverstock when they were 15 years old, and they have lived in the area ever since.

“I was out pushing my nephew in his pram with a friend when I met him with his friends, and we just got talking,” said Mrs Annetts.

Mr Annetts went away to Korea for his National Service for two years and shortly after he came back he asked Mrs Annetts to marry him. They were married at St Martin’s Church, Salisbury, on Valentine’s Day in 1953.

Mrs Annetts worked at Tintometer in Salisbury and she was a home help for 33 years.

Mr Annetts pursued a career as a plumber, setting up his own business, and they have three children, Maria, Stephen and Mark.

The couple have enjoyed many hobbies together over the years, including painting, gardening, darts and games, but their main passion is travel.

They have been on eight cruises around the world and two river cruises in Europe, and they are looking forward to a cruise around the Canary Islands this year.

They lead an active lifestyle, with Mr Annetts currently helping his son redecorate his home, and Mrs Annetts getting to grips with her new iPad. Mrs Annetts said the secret to their long and happy marriage is “understanding each other”.

“You’ve got to know how the other is thinking and go from there really,” she said. “We never really row; we niggle but then end up laughing.”

“It feels like we have always been together,” she added.

The diamond couple are celebrating their special day with family and friends, including two of their bridesmaids, on Saturday.