A CYCLE path proposed to run along Harnham Road has divided opinion among people living in the area.

The 2.5 metre wide path, from Harnham Gyratory to Hollow Close, would cost about £117,000 and the aim would be to encourage children to cycle to Harnham infant and junior schools.

Wiltshire Council carried out a feasibility study last year at the request of the schools and last week Salisbury City councillor Ian Tomes handed out questionnaires to seek opinion from residents.

Cllr Tomes said he is concerned about the “detrimental effect on the visual appearance” of Harnham, as grass verges and trees would have to be removed to make way for the path.

“I share the views of the majority of people who have responded,” he said. “It would be nice if we could improve cycling facilities - my children cycle everywhere - but there are issues in terms of the grass verge and trees.”

Cllr Tomes said he would support the first phase, from Harnham Gyratory to Old Blandford Road, but not the second phase to Hollows Close.

“If they were flexible over the trees I would support the second phase,” he added.

Questions have been raised about how many children would use the cycle path and there are concerns about children cycling close to the busy road.

Others are worried about the effect on pedestrians who would share the path.

However, supporters of the scheme say it would provide a safe and healthy way for children to get to school and some suggest replanting trees elsewhere to make way for the path.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said there would be wider public consultation before any decision was made and that there are currently “no immediate plans” as there is no funding in place.