A HELP session for people who suffer with breathing problems is taking place in Salisbury on Tuesday, February 19.

The session will be run by Simon Paddon, an expert in Buteyko breathing rehabilitation, and is for those with conditions such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), asthma, emphysema, sleep problems, anxiety and panic.

Mr Paddon said: “Buteyko helps people to recognise problem areas and correct them. This is done in many different ways, such as looking at and correcting the way a person breathes when they cough, sneeze, yawn, sigh, sleep, eat, speak and much more, as well as unique breathing techniques to be practised. These are all ways of loosing excessive amounts of carbon dioxide, which can lead to worsening symptoms.

“By correcting breathing with this approach, it will reduce symptoms and safely reduce dependence on breathing medications.”

The two-hour session will take place at Bemerton Heath Centre from 6.30pm.

Placements cost £9 and must be booked in advance either online at buteykomethod.co.uk or by calling 0844 3577373.