SALISBURY District Hospital has received a glowing review for the care it provides to patients with dementia.

The review, undertaken by a peer team of experts from the south west region, looked at the trust’s performance against eight regional standards for dementia care.

The standards focus on areas such as respect, dignity and appropriate care for patients to quality of end of life care and access to mental health liaison. They found a “positive culture” within the trust and an “enterprising approach” towards the development of stimulating activities and programmes for patients with dementia and commended an “excellent staff training programme”.

Chief executive Peter Hill said: “I think that the findings of the review team are a credit to our staff and I want to thank them for their enthusiasm and professionalism and the way in which they responded to the review.”

The results of the Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust review will be published within a final report covering all NHS Trusts across the region.