FLOODED roads are causing a headache in Pitton and the problem looks set to continue.

Water began rising from underground springs along the road from Pitton to Winterslow a couple of weeks ago.

Fiona McKie, who lives at Bentleigh Farm Bungalow, said: “I spoke to the council two or three weeks ago when the spring started bubbling up outside my house and I knew it was going to happen, but no one took any notice.”

Motorists have been driving along the flooded road at speed, which Ms McKie said has only made matters worse.

“The owners of 4x4s may find it fun to drive up and down but perhaps they could spare a thought for those of us who are flooded,” she said.

Some cars have got stuck and broken down, while many turn around in Ms McKie’s driveway.

Her pony Frogspawn only has a small patch of land in his two-acre field that is not flooded and Ms McKie's garden is also completely waterlogged.

Flooding happened along the same road ten years ago, when high levels of water remained for a number of weeks.

Ms McKie said the water has nowhere to go and fears that if the road is still used, the flooding would get worse.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said the situation will be monitored and motorists are advised to take care and avoid the area if possible.