COUNCIL tax in Salisbury will remain the same for the next financial year after the fire authority confirmed it will not change its precept.

Wiltshire and Swindon Fire Authority agreed at a meeting last Thursday that their part of the tax would be frozen for 2013/14, which means the payment for an average Band D household will remain at £62.38.

There has been no increase in council tax for the fire and rescue service since 2010/11.

Salisbury City Council and Wiltshire Police had already confirmed their share will not go up and Wiltshire Council Cabinet members voted in favour of freezing their part too, although this decision still needs to be formally approved by the full council at a meeting next Tuesday.

A Band D household will still pay £1,532.58 council tax overall – £1,222.43 for the Wiltshire Council part, £90 for the city council share and £157.77 for the police element.