THE chairman of a group that works to alleviate flooding in the Salisbury area has assured villagers in Pitton that when their properties are at risk a water pump will be used.

Wiltshire councillor and chairman of the Operational Flood Working Group (South) Mike Hewitt said “a lot of money” had been spent over the past few years to ensure water is removed from the village.

Following last week’s Journal report highlighting a flood-hit road from Pitton to Winterslow and a resident’s waterlogged field and garden, cllr Hewitt said: “At the present time there is insufficient water in the village to turn on the very large capacity pump to move water through the village.

“When there is sufficient water reaching the village and putting the properties within the village at risk of flooding the pump will be turned on.

“The villagers themselves, with the help of flood wardens and the parish council, have obtained nine tons of sand and sandbags, which they have delivered to all the vulnerable properties.

“We are extremely sorry for the people living and working at the approach to the village who are having problems with the water in their fields and on the road but there is very little we can do to drain the fields.”

Anyone experiencing flooding issues can contact cllr Hewitt by emailing or Steve Scothern, a land drainage engineer, at