A WOMAN was kidnapped from Salisbury city centre while on a night out and brutally gang raped, a court heard.

Romanians Eugen Iordachi, 25, and Gheorghita Iordachi, 30, are jointly charged with kidnap and rape following the incident on June 10 last year.

Opening the case for the prosecution at Winchester Crown Court on Monday, Rob Welling said the victim was driven to a remote location before being repeatedly raped in the back of a car by several men.

Mr Welling said: “She isn’t sure how many men raped her, she says three maybe four but two are in the dock today and a third man probably escaped capture by the police.”

The 38-year-old mother-of-two from Salisbury had been at a friend’s house before heading into Salisbury, going to The Chapel Nightclub and then White Rooms, where she met the defendants.

They stayed in the bar until about 2.05am when the woman left with Gheorghita, who offered her a lift home in a red Peugeot being driven by his brother.

Mr Welling said the woman realised something was wrong when two more men got in the car and they began travelling in the opposite direction to her home. She tried to contact police but phone records showed the call hadn’t been connected because she dialled the wrong number.

“It is clear that she knew that she was in trouble and was looking for help but because she misdialled, it never came,” said Mr Welling.

The court heard she was driven to a remote area near Plaitford where the men got out of the car. One of the men got back in and “forcibly undressed her” before he and others raped her.

Mr Welling said: “It was clear that she didn’t consent but they didn’t care – they were going to do it because they had isolated her and taken her away from Salisbury. It must have been extremely frightening,”

He said during the journey back to Salisbury, the woman tried to get out of the car and she made another 999 call, which connected. One of the defendants dismantled her phone when they discovered she had called the police and she was then dropped off miles from her home, where police officers found her.

DNA evidence was found from both defendants, who deny all the charges against them and say sex was consensual.

* The case continues.