THE Dorset Waste Partnership (DWP) is reminding residents to check their collection calendars in case of changes to the usual service.

In some areas, recycling, rubbish and garden waste collections on or immediately after bank holidays take place later that week. The dates are marked on residents’ collection calendars.

For a copy of the calendar, go to

In parts of East Dorset and Christchurch, the DWP made changes to some households’ collection days for the optional garden waste collection from the start of April.

Customers whose dates have changed were sent a letter but a number seem not to have received them and have been putting their garden waste bins out on the old dates.

The DWP is also reminding residents who receive their new bins for the Recycle for Dorset service not to put them out for collection yet – otherwise their rubbish may not be collected.

It is currently delivering new containers and information packs to 40,000 households in North Dorset and part of East Dorset ready for the start of the service during the week beginning Monday, June 10.

Residents are advised to start filling their new containers after the last collections of their current service and not to put them out until the first dates marked on their new collection calendar.

Mike Bell, DWP head of operations, said: “While it’s nice to see residents eager to use their new bins, they should continue using their current service as normal until the new service starts.

“If people put their new bins out now, it may mean their waste can’t be taken. It also adds unnecessary delays to collection rounds.”

Residents can find out more about how to use the Recycle for Dorset service and check their collection dates at dorsetfory