DEVELOPERS hoping to build a new supermarket off Salisbury’s Southampton Road have submitted a scoping application to Wiltshire Council ahead of an expected second planning application.

A scoping application is a request for an opinion on what information should be included in an environmental statement submitted with plans, and the council will now consult with statutory consultees such as the Environment Agency and English Heritage before responding.

A council spokesman said: “It is not something that is open to consultation with the public. It is something they have to send us so that we can consult with the statutory consultees and get back to them to tell them what impact statements they will have to do.”

The multi-million pound Salisbury Gateway project is looking to build a Sainsbury’s store opposite the existing Tesco supermarket as well as introducing a 12-acre wildlife and wetlands area and making changes to the road, including modifying the College and Bourne Way roundabouts at either end of Southampton Road.

An initial planning application for the project was submitted in June 2012 but withdrawn following public consultation.

Another round of public consultation was held in July last year, and developer Salisbury Site LLP said a new application would aim to address issues raised by residents.

Concerns were raised about the store being so close to existing stores rather than on the Fugglestone Red side of Salisbury where there is no existing store and where major development is planned. People are also concerned about the flood risk in the area, which the developers say will be adequately alleviated by the natural wetland area and by tanks being put in under the store to ensure heavy rain is gradually fed into the nearby River Avon.

Sainsbury’s said they remain “one hundred per cent committed” to keeping their existing city centre store open, and to be a part of the proposed rejuvenation of the Maltings area.

The council spokesman said a new application is not expected to be submitted in the near future.