THE Ringwood-based Forest Forge theatre company is looking for untold stories of the First World War to develop its new production.

The company is particularly searching for the hidden histories of foreign troops who volunteered to fight alongside the British troops in the war.

A spokesman said: “Did a brave member of your family come to Hampshire to fight for king and country during the First World War?

“Did they return to their homeland after the war or did they stay to forge a new life in a new country? Did your village or town see an influx of foreign fighters?”

The Great War saw many people from around the British Empire, including Nepalese, Indians and Canadians, arrive in Hampshire, volunteering to fight for the British Army alongside local recruits.

As part of its Battle Lines project, Forest Forge wants to discover the untold histories of these foreign soldiers, about their experiences settling in a new culture and fighting on foreign soil, as well as the impact of their arrival on local communities.

The project is an in-depth look into Hampshire’s experience of war, during both world wars through to modern day warfare. The stories will be used in the creation of three short plays that will tour the county in March and April.

Director Kirstie Davis said: “We are very excited about the possibility of uncovering untold stories and bringing them to life through the medium of theatre. It is an important aspect of our history that has been largely ignored and we want to redress that.”

To share your story contact Jemma Corbin on 01425 470188 or email