A CHARITY helping to build schools and orphanages for youngsters in India from its New Forest base has launched a new website.

The Lotus Flower Trust’s new site features an amazing library of more than 33,000 photographs, taken by volunteers who have gone out to help.

There are also many new pages, including a gallery, a shopping list page and a blog.

Founder John Hunt, from Hyde, said: “The year 2013 was very successful for us.

“Twenty-one projects will be completed by March and we now have funds for a further seven.

“Many more will be completed this year and we have some very exciting new projects we shall soon be fundraising for, which will change the lives of the children we work with forever.

“We continue to be approached by many non-governmental organisations in India asking for our support – far more than we have money to help.

“This is a consequence of the trust’s growing reputation in India.

“And it is also why we need your help now more than ever.

“Sadly, we can only support the children if we have the money to do so.

“Thank you so much for all your help.”

Go to www.lotusflowertrust.org to find out more.