A ROYAL Military Police officer found dead at her barracks in Bulford was left "absolutely traumatised" after allegedly being raped by two servicemen two years earlier, an inquest heard.

Cpl Anne-Marie Ellement, 30, was found hanged at Kiwi Barracks in October 2011.

The inquest at Salisbury Coroners Court, which began today, heard Cpl Ellement reported she was raped by two colleagues while she was based in Germany in 2009.

Shortly afterwards she told her sister, Sharon Hardy, and went back to stay with her in Bournemouth over Christmas on compassionate leave. Mrs Hardy told the inquest her sister was left "absolutely traumatised" by the incident.

"She looked worn out. She had lost weight. She just looked awful," she said. Mrs Hardy said when her sister returned to Germany in January 2010, she was let down by a former friend she confided in, who changed her statement after being befriended by the girlfriend of one of the accused soldiers.

She said Cpl Ellement told her she was also bullied by female colleagues and she shut herself in her room as she was too frightened to go out.

She added that Cpl Ellement was "absolutely devastated" when the decision was made not to bring charges against the two men.

"She was 110 per cent certain what had happened to her and couldn't believe that even with her being in the police force they weren't taking her allegation seriously," she said.

Cpl Ellement was posted to Bulford to be closer to her family and she saw it as "the start of a new life", the court heard.

But Mrs Hardy and some of Cpl Ellement's colleagues told the court she often complained about her workload, sometimes having to work 80 to 90 hours a week, and was finding it difficult to meet deadlines.

She said she was often called in on rest days and when she was signed off with stress, and felt she was being picked on by senior officers.

Mrs Hardy said Cpl Ellement became upset when a former colleague from Germany was posted to Bulford as she was worried about people finding out about the incident in Germany.

She said Cpl Ellement was pointed out as 'the girl who cried rape'.

An inquest in March 2012 concluded Cpl Ellement took her own life.

But last August the High Court ordered a fresh hearing, which is expected to last three weeks.