A PEEVED resident says she is wondering how much money has been wasted after she says she watched four people sit in two vans for over a month by the A338 “doing nothing”.

Daphne Robinson says she drives past Fordingbridge several times a day, every day to see to her horses and she has yet to see anyone doing anything to solve the flooding that has been on the road since before Christmas.

She said: “All I seem to get from my council tax is my bins taken away, and this has got to me.

“I keep thinking to sleep on it and don’t say anything but after over a month I give up - when is anything going to be done?

Problem “It takes me half an hour more to do my usual journey and all that time those vans are sitting there, armed with staff who don’t seem to be under any instructions to solve the problem.

“I have lived in the Woodgreen area for 12 years and never in that time have I seen ditches being dug in that area, which is why, I think, we are in this situation now.”

The road was closed when the section by the Game Conservancy became submerged in the first big floods before Christmas, and motorists were diverted through the narrow and congested streets of Fordingbridge.

When the water receded the waterlogged part of the road was coned off and traffic lights were set up, but there were still delays, and Ms Robinson says she thinks the water could have been diverted by now.

She said: “The annoying thing is each time I’ve gone past since, there are two vans with two people inside, a generator, floodlights. It must have cost at least a thousand pounds to pay those people to sit there.

“They’ve been there for a month, 24 hours a day and the most action I’ve seen is a bit of digging and hedge cutting, but even when that has happened the branches seem to have been left in the road and not picked up.”

She added: “Perhaps there could be a review of what can be done to get us all moving again.”

A spokesman for Hampshire County Council said: “I am informed by our highways team the road is open to all traffic with traffic lights and with the flooding being managed by pumps.”