THE mother of a Ringwood teenager killed in a crash on the A31 has handed over a 1,600-signature petition to councillors calling for a reduction in speed.

Jade Clark’s mother Sharon, her stepfather Danny and grandmother Linda Pidgley are campaigning for the limit to be cut to 50mph from Burley to the Ashley Heath roundabout, where the 16- year-old was killed last year.

The family handed the petition into Ringwood Town Council.

She said if the speed limit had been 50mph last year at the time of the crash, the minibus driver who ran over Jade after she was knocked off her scooter might have seen her and stopped.

Mrs Clark told councillors: “I hope someone will take notice of this petition and it won’t be brushed under the carpet. I don’t want anyone else to have to go through what I have gone through.”

Mayor Steve Rippon Swaine said the council would ask New Forest West MP Desmond Swayne to bring the petition to the attention of Minister for Transport Stephen Hammond.

He said they would continue pushing for improved signage on the route, which had been promised by the minister.

Councillor Michael Thierry said: “It takes courage to go around asking people to sign a petition, particularly when your heart is broken.”