POLICE detected 21 offences after stopping 37 vehicles on the A31 and A338 in a joint crackdown with other agencies – catching drivers working while claiming benefits, with faulty lorries and driving over-loaded trucks.

Dorset Police’s traffic unit joined forces with the Environment Agency, Vehicle Operating Standards Agency (VOSA), the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the Department for Work and Pensions.

They stopped vehicles as they travelled along the A31 and A338 at the Ashley Heath weighbridge.

The initiative was part of an operation across England and Wales to identify drivers of HGVs committing offences on the road. Nine vehicles were stopped for being overweight and were prohibited from further use until the issue had been rectified. Four HGVs were stopped for lighting and tyre offences and three others for minor traffic offences.

Five tachograph offences were detected during the day, including drivers taking insufficient weekly rest. Some drivers were found to be claiming benefits while employed.

PC Heidi Moxam, road casualty reduction co-ordinator, said: “Tachograph charts ensure that drivers do not overwork and take appropriate rest so they stay alert and safe.”