A WOMAN who found a dead, pregnant donkey after a hit and run on B3078 has appealed to the council for tighter road safety measures - saying she cannot erase the image from her mind.

Jane Rushworth from Redlynch found the donkey that had been smashed by a 4x4, leaving her and her unborn foal dead on the roadside between Bramshaw and Telegraph Hill on February 16.

Mrs Rushworth told the Journal she was “totally shocked” at what she discovered when she stopped at the scene.

“I was relieved that the poor donkey was dead,” she said.

“I continued with my journey after ringing the Agister, but was unable to concentrate after the shock of what I had seen, and I would not say that I shock easily.

“I feel very strongly that something more has to be done to reduce these causalities.

“I think that if the public were shown a picture of the scene that met me that night, I think everyone would want changes to reduce the chance of this happening again.

“We all know how easy it can be to have a collision with a running deer, but to hit a slow-moving donkey to that extent has to be inexcusable.

“More action is needed to reduce accidents as it is clear that many drivers are just not taking notice of the signs currently in place.”

A Hampshire County Council traffic management officer said that they formed part of the Animal Accident Reduction Group.

She said: “The primary aim of the group is to reduce the number and severity of animal accidents involving Commoners' animals and deer in the New Forest.

“The group is actively reviewing animal accident data and patterns, and considering initiatives to support this aim that also preserve the unique nature and enjoyment of the New Forest.

“The B3078 is being considered in terms of improving the signing that advises drivers to watch out for animals, and this is included in the 2014/2015 Traffic Management Programme for development and implementation.”