A CAMPAIGN group opposed to fracking visited Salisbury city centre on Saturday.

Keep Wiltshire Frack Free used street theatre as a way of presenting how it believes the controversial method of extracting shale gas can be a danger to public health and the environment.

The group fears that fracking will result in the industrialisation of the countryside and will endanger tourism and farming in Wiltshire.

The county is one of many across the country that could have fracking operations introduced in the future.

Clive Humphries, founder of Keep Wiltshire Frack Free, said: "There are reports coming from America and Australia of water, land and air contamination and people's health being adversely affected. People in the affected areas have also complained of the dramatic decline in their property value.

“One fracking operation that happened two years ago near Blackpool was stopped because it caused earthquakes, but now 60 per cent of the country is to be fracked we are highly likely to see many more instances of damage to property."